healthy, helpful and wise

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Healthy, helpful & wise might remind some of us of the saying “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise” … well

… the phrase could go like this; “open your eyes, open your ears, make the right choices and be healthy, helpful and wise” — ok, I was never good at poetry.
Basically the name of this blog and also my website was chosen to try to give a name to my message; that knowledge and wisdom is needed in order to help ourselves, our  planet, its resources, our animals, our fellow human beings and our future children — basically life itself.

A comparison here would be illiteracy in the dark ages; in which only a percentage of the population had access to knowledge, in this case members of the catholic church. The majority of the population depended on what they were told by the church and by those who were literate. Books were written in latin, so those unable to read latin (most of the population) were left in the dark “hence the dark ages”.

Well unfortunately, today despite education, social media and books galore — we are still more than ever, in the dark especially when it comes to one of our most vital topics — food.


Photo: Shutterstock

If we personally do not actively search for information about the food we are eating we automatically stay in the dark (and even worse, we are actually pushed in that direction). The average child knows more about their favourite you tuber than about nutrition. Which is actually bizarre, because we can live without the you tuber, but we definitely cannot survive without healthy food. I stress healthy because some of us can survive with unhealthy food for a certain period of time, but the majority of the population can’t.

So something must be wrong. One of life’s most important lessons a few hundred years ago would have been which plants; fruits, herbs, vegetables, roots, berries, seeds, nuts, pods are edible and can help which ailments. We would have known what to eat when we had menstruation pains. We would have known what to give our child to help a stomach ache.

Yes, we have come a “long” way and our medication can save lives — but have we asked ourselves why do we even need medication? Why are we are we getting sicker? Why do we have diseases and illnesses which didn’t exist a few centuries back? We didn’t need to be treated for diabetes, heart illnesses, cancer or obesity. Because they definitely did not exist anywhere near today’s percentage. These diseases were practically non-existent. Why do they exist today? And not only do our parents and grandparents have these illnesses, our children are getting them! So something must be very wrong. And this is only the health factor.

Let’s extend the health factor a bit further. A few hundred years ago our child might have died of a simple infection, for example a scratch which got infected. 50 years ago we would not have been concerned if our child had a scratch which got infected — the possibility that our child might die would have been. In 50 years time (if nothing changes) our child could possibly die of an infected scratched knee because the antibiotics just won’t work.

The topic of health is just one of the many topics which are related directly and indirectly to the food we eat and the choices which we make. To find out more read my posts and visit my website

Ruth Nelson-Andorf


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