Quick & Healthy Vegetable Spirals Pesto

Cover Photo ©Ruth Nelson-Andorf 

This dish takes literally less than 5 mins and is perfect for a quick and healthy meal! Especially when you’ve come home late from work, are absolutely famished and feel that you could just devour your entire fridge in one gulp.


for one portion
1/2 zucchini
1 small carrot
6 cherry tomatoes
1 peg of garlic
1 heaped tbs. pesto
1 tbs. soy milk or cream (alternatives; almond, rice, oat, hazelnut, buckwheat etc)
basil leaves
pine nuts (also known as pine seeds or pine kernels)


cutting board and knife
frying pan


wash vegetables and make spaghetti out of the zucchini and carrot (collect in the bowl)
quarter the tomatoes & add to the bowl
press garlic & add to bowl
put the tbs of pesto into the frying pan and heat until pesto starts to bubble lightly
add the ingredients from bowl to bubbling pesto
stir and combine the ingredients in the frying pan for a minute
add milk or cream
combine ingredients one last time
dish out the pasta onto your plate
add basil and pine seeds

Photo ©Ruth Nelson-Andorf 

As always my ingredients can be substituted and the amounts can be varied. I used vegan basil pesto but you can also use tomato pesto or wild garlic pesto (also known as bear’s garlic). If you don’t like garlic, just leave out the garlic.


A must have utensil in the vegan, vegetarian and plant based kitchen! There are many different types of spiralizers on the market, ranging from simple hand held spiralizers to the heavy duty electrical machine type. I personally prefer the simple hand held spiralizer as I save the taking apart of the machine after use and the washing of the separate parts. Yes, the dish washer is always an option, but not always the best way to get every part totally clean. The hand held spiralizer just needs a quick rinse and it’s ready again for use. Average price £10, $12 or €12.

vegetable spiralizer




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