Welcome to healthy helpful and wise.

The day that I decided to take off my blindfold which I had worn for way too long, drastically changed my life. I discovered (and I’m still discovering) a world behind the scenes which everyone should know about, but far too few of us do. After finding out the true meaning of the food industry and learning such vital information which we are not told in schools, supermarkets or at the doctor, I just had to speak out.

Being a mother, my first thought was, “Oh my god, what have we been doing!?” — I could not just swallow what I had discovered and keep it to myself. If I really care about my daughter and my future grandchildren and their grandchildren, I must actively do something to help other parents to open their eyes and ears.

Our food choices have tremendous affects on our lives, our health, our planet, the planet’s diversity, our natural resources, human rights, our children’s futures and of course on our animals … so basically our choice of food affects life itself.

After deciding to become a vegetarian again and then a whole foods plant based vegan, I decided to take a step further and signed up to become a vegan dietician. I will become certified vegan dietician in 2019. Combining my skills as a communications designer, my original field of work, I decided to start writing articles for my blog and designing templates for posters, T-Shirts etc.

The name healthy helpful wise is a play on a child’s rhyme “healthy, wealthy and wise”. I wanted a name that incorporated being healthy and helping our planet and being knowledgable about what is going on around us. And because the main goal of the food industry is to get wealthy and not help us or our planet. I exchanged wealthy for helpful.

So, firstly what will you find on this blog? A combination of informative articles and facts, personal thoughts spoken out loud, recipes and tips — all dealing directly and indirectly with the topic food in today’s world.

Secondly, this blog accompanies my german website on which I will (soon) be offering my services as a vegan coach and additionally my own designs for posters, postcards and T-Shirts — so, check it out! And until then, I wish you good reading and keep in touch.





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