Vegan Coach

The world will need more Vegan Nutritionists in the future.

After I adopted a whole foods plant based, vegan lifestyle 5 years ago, I discovered
ecodemy the first Open University for Vegan Nutrition in Germany and I decided to sign up.

My studies began in February 2018 with some financial support from my dear father. Thank you Daddy!
Parallel to studying I have decided to write articles about the impact of our food choices which affect so many factors; our health, our environment, natural resources, biodiversity, human rights, our economy and political power, climate change, our children’s future and of course foremost — the 70 billion animals which are treated cruelly and killed yearly. Additionally I also post my own recipes.

Making the decision to adopt a whole food plant based, vegan or vegetarian is the first step. The next step is discovering or re-discovering the enormously wide range of vegetables, fruits, legumes, roots, pods, peas, beans, nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains, and herbs that nature has to offer us. Finding favourite recipes, keeping a storage cupboard, learning where to get fresh, organic, regional and seasonal produce and preparing and cooking healthy meals are topics with which I will also be dealing.

The political and environmental state of the world is largely due to the industrialization of food which continues to be the main user of our natural resources, leading to an imbalance in nature and even more inequality among countries and people. Additionally our collective health is deteriorating rapidly.

Those of us who inform ourselves about our food choices and become aware of their devastating repercussions usually automatically become vegetarian or vegan.
The food industry allows little diversity and our present generation is forced to have less and less connection with the origins of what we put into our mouths and feed our children. Due to this, adopting a plant based or vegan diet can seem difficult for some of us at first. As a (future) vegan nutritionist I will be able to assist you and guide you on your path to becoming healthy, helpful and wise.

I am based mainly in Germany but also in England, and the Caribbean. shutterstock_766748479

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